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Prestige Waterproof car covers to suit XXL CARS

Prestige Waterproof car covers to suit XXL CARS
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Extra-Extra-Large Cars up to 5.7m
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The Prestige brand is synonymous with quality and combines the latest in advanced fabric technology with innovative design to create the ultimate in protection.
Its 4 layer composite system allows moisture and condensation to escape, yet prevents liquid from penetrating the material even during the wildest storms.
The ultra soft inner lining offers superior paint protection while it’s 100% leak proof construction is achieved through ultrasonically welded seams.
The material features superior UV stabilization for prolonged outdoor use and is the preferred choice for car enthusiasts or those who simply seek the very best in vehicle protection.

Fits most Extra-Extra-Large Cars up to 5.7m (5.34m to 5.70m)

SIZING TIP** Before selecting a size, always measure your entire car from bumper to bumper.
Generally the owners manual will have information on the vehicles specifications including the overall length.
Alternatively, this information may be found from the manufacturers website.

Warranty: This cover comes with a 12 month manufacturers warranty.
Cleaning: We recommend that the cover is cleaned periodically using water only and then air dried. We do not recommend the use of detergents as this may damage the cover.

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