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SAAS-Drive 6 Mode Throttle Controller to suit KIA SPORTAGE (2015 onwards)

SAAS-Drive 6 Mode Throttle Controller to suit KIA SPORTAGE (2015 onwards)
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**NOTE: This Throttle Controller is Specific to the above mentioned model vehicle ONLY**
Please ensure you choose the correct throttle controller for your specific model. Plenty of other vehicle makes and models available in our website store.

Why use a SAAS-Drive Trottle Controller?
Rather than a traditional accelerator cable, many modern vehicles use "fly by wire" throttle technology.
This system relies on a sensor that measures the pedal pressure and position which then sends a signal to the vehicle's engine computer which converts to acceleration.
Most fly by wire systems have a noticeable delay.
SAAS-Drive allows you to tune the signal from the accelerator pedal with multiple inbuilt settings to ensure you find a setting to perfectly suit your driving style.

Other benefits include:
Plug and play fitment - fits in minutes
No wiring required = Easy install
Reduces response time between accelerator and throttle
6 distinct driving modes to choose from; (Comfort, Sports, Performance/Race, Economy, Normal/Original, Auto) - 9 levels to set in Comfort, Sports, Performance/Race & Economy, modes making for the most adjustable controller on the market!
Ideal for towing
Improved throttle control offroad
Improved throttle response for everyday use
Built in optional Anti-Theft Function

What makes SAAS-Drive different?
SAAS-Drive includes an automatic control function that automatically changes the level of throttle performance based on pedal pressure.
So, if you're in traffic and accelerating gently, the SAAS-Drive will automatically select setting 1. If you are accelerating hard to overtake, towing a heavy trailer, or just having fun the SAAS-Drive will automatically select 9 for you.

Featuring a 32-bit processor, SAAS-Drive features the largest and fastest processor on the market.

Finally, SAAS-Drive also features a built in security anti-theft function.
To help prevent theft, the unit has a built in immobiliser that will stop the vehicle from accelerating.
You can activate a user programmable pin code that means if someone starts your ride without the pin, the vehicle will enter a limp home mode and will not accelerate - providing additional peace of mind for your pride and joy. Note: This feature does not have to be used all the time, you can simply activate/deactivate whenever required.

The result is the smoothest and most intelligent electronic throttle controller on the market.

How It Works:
SAAS-Drive allows you to tune the signal from the accelerator pedal with multiple inbuilt settings to ensure you find the perfect setting for your driving style.
F1 - Comfortable Mode:
This mode is designed for smooth acceleration 9 Levels of adjustability

F2 - Sports Mode:
This mode improves the instantaneous acceleration
9 Levels of adjustability

F3 - Racing/Performance Mode:
This mode is designed for maximum acceleration
Racing/Performance Mode offers 9 sensitivity levels; this allows the driver to tune the controller to the desired level of sensitivity. Choose level 9 and grip the steering wheel tight or hit level 1 for a gentle smooth acceleration.
9 Levels of adjustability

ECO - Economy Fuel Saving Mode:
This mode is designed for fuel saving with slower and smoother acceleration
ECO Mode is designed for fuel economy by reducing the accelerator response time.
Also handy for when you are on offroad trails and looking for a bit more throttle control when crawling.
9 Levels of adjustability

NOR - Normal/Original Mode:
In this mode the vehicle reverts back to the factory setting. Not adjustable.

AU - Auto Mode:
Auto mode adapts to your driving style on the fly - enjoy power on demand!
Automatic Control Mode automatically selects the sensitivity level based on pedal pressure.
If you are in traffic and accelerating gently the SAAS-Drive will automatically choose a reduced level of throttle response.
If you accelerate hard for overtaking or even just for fun the SAAS-Drive will choose a mode with an increased level of throttle response.
This mode is designed to study your driving style and adjust depending on the situation.
This mode is a great way to set and forget as it will give both power and economy when needed.
Automatic Control mode is what makes SAAS-Drive the most intelligent throttle controller on the market.

How does it work?
The SAAS-Drive Throttle Controller modifies the voltage signal from the fly by wire pedal assembly to allow you to tune the response from your accelerator pedal. Additionally, the SAAS-Drive allows you to greatly reduce the dead zone from when you initially depress the pedal, commonly referred to as throttle lag. The SAAS-Drive does not plug into the OBDII port. The SAAS-Drive plugs directly into your pedal command module and can generally be installed in as little as 5 minutes.

Does SAAS-Drive increase power output? No, SAAS-Drive Throttle Controller does not increase power output. The SAAS-Drive has no control over fuel mapping, air to fuel ratio or injection timing. The SAAS-Drive simply changes the way your throttle responds, eliminating any lags or delays in the throttle system and sharpening response. It essentially gets rid of the feeling that there's a big wet sponge sitting underneath the accelerator pedal of most modern cars with the fly by wire system.

Is SAAS-Drive suitable for Towing?
Yes. Customers purchase the SAAS-Drive looking to get more usable response for towing tools, boats, etc upwards of 2.5 tonnes. The SAAS-Drive Throttle Controller is very useful for towing as it helps get your vehicle up to speed from a standing start while using less pedal effort, placing less strain on your motor and using less fuel. Especially handy around town where there is a lot of stopping and starting.

Is SAAS-Drive hard to install?
The SAAS-Drive Throttle Controller can be installed in under 2 minutes with no tools or technical knowledge required in the vast majority of vehicles. Every unit comes with a clear set of instructions that take you through a step by step installation. The SAAS-Drive Throttle Controller has been designed with plug and play installation as the ultimate goal, so anyone, anywhere can reap the benefits of a SAAS-Drive in their vehicle.

Is SAAS-Drive universal or vehicle specific?
Although every SAAS-Drive Throttle Controller shares the same main hardware, each SAAS-Drive is specifically programmed to each vehicle, meaning they are not transferable across makes and models.
Please check our listings for the makes/models we can supply a SAAS-Drive for.
If you don't see your vehicle listed, please feel free to contact us to check as we are adding new applications as they become available.

What transmission does the SAAS-Drive work with?
SAAS-Drive Throttle Controller is suited to both manual and automatic transmissions via the easily programmable auto or manual settings.

Is SAAS-Drive suitable for diesel or petrol vehicles?
The SAAS-Drive Throttle Controller can be used on both naturally aspirated and forced induction Petrol and Diesel engines.

Will a SAAS-Drive void my new car warranty?
No. Vehicle manufacturers are required to fix manufacturing faults on vehicles during the defined warranty period.
The fitment of quality accessories and vehicle upgrades does not affect this obligation unless it can be proved that the modification caused the fault.
SAAS Automotive has undertaken extensive testing and quality control work to ensure its products meet the highest possible standards.
SAAS Automotive warrants all SAAS-Drives against any manufacturing faults with a Life Time Warranty ( For Original Purchaser ).

Basic/General Installation Instructions:
*Please refer to your instructions supplied in the box for more specific fitting details*
Turn the ignition off and remove the car key, leave the drivers door open and wait 10 minutes. Note: Smart keys must be taken out of vehicle range.
Unplug the connector plugged into the accelerator pedal assembly.
Plug the SAAS-Drive connector into the vehicle's accelerator pedal. Be cautious not to force into position as this may result in bent pins in the plug. SAAS-Drive connector should fit easily into position. Although in most cases removing the accelerator pedal from the firewall is not required, this may be required for easier fitment.
Plug the SAAS-Drive connector into your accelerator pedal and then plug the vehicle side back into the SAAS-Drive.
Plug the small white connector from the pedal harness into the SAAS-Drive display and find a suitable location on your dash to mount it.
*CAUTION: Please see supplied fitting instructions for connector orientation. Do not reverse these connectors.
When mounting the control module on the dash, choose a position that is easy to access.
You may want to check the position at night to ensure the display doesn't affect night driving.
Using cable ties supplied, securely mount the SAAS-Drive cable in a position that will not affect the operation of the pedals.
During installation, do not touch the brake pedal or open and close doors as this may wake up vehicle systems and cause an error code.

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